Diba Ayten Yılmaz (09.09.2007)

Translated by Dogan Cetin from Turkish to English

A woman who is distracting you because of her improper, sexy dress, might have been oppressed by a restricting environment in her previous life and might be experiencing dressing freely now.
A very angry woman that you saw on the bus might have got angry to the news she just got from the phone and indeed she might be usually a kind person.

While judging a situation/person, we can have a more realistic look if we try to understand that person and evaluate him/her considering the situation that he/she is in circumstances.
A limited/restricted point of view that is only intended to ourselves and our environment imprisons us only to the ‘ostensible/visible’.

One of the most important benefits of working with our past lives is that we start to have a deeper and broader perception about ourselves and others.
An advisee of mine that talks so smoothly and kindly found herself as an authoritarian and dominant person in her previous life. Experiencing to talk kindly and in a lowered voice with people now was a progress for her in her path. In another example, a person that haven’t risen her/his voice and couldn’t express herself/himself in her/his few previous lives was still keeping on doing it now and that was a situation that she/he should change.

A tough situation can change into a solid rock that strengthens and improves us in our life path. Just like an annoying, disliked person can turn into an unforgettable teacher.

We see how brave Chihiro, a skinny legged shy girl, acted bravely in order to protect the ones she loves in a movie called Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki. Chihiro starts to work in a Turkish bath, a place where the souls purify themselves, in order to save her mother and father. One day, a muddy and stinky creature that everyone is scared of came to the turkish bath. Only Chihiro had dared to wash and get the dirt out of it and succeeded. When it was cleaned up, it actually turned out to be a gorgeous dragon which was a River God.

We are all versatile and rich beings. Having a broader perspective through ourselves and others helps us to improve our “acceptance” and “understanding”. Then flexibility and comfort come with them. Understanding and acceptance enrichen us and ties us stronger to life, our joy of life increases.

If your child is scared, hug her/him instead of yelling at her/him like “Why are you scared?”. If he/she is too naughty and doesn’t stop yelling and screaming, focus on his/her needs instead of worrying about if he/she is going to be a hyperactive. All she/he needs might be to feel your love and attention.

We can gain unexpected surprise perceptions if we focus on deeper understanding and perceiving someone/a situation by going beyond the ostensible.

Lets get rid of the limited and shallow point of view and look beyond the ostensible, lets reach the deepness.

With love and blessings,