Diba Ayten Yılmaz (27.09.2007)

Translation by Dogan Cetin from Turkish to English.

We live in an incredible energy ocean. And every moment, we are in an interaction with these changing, transforming energies.
We have the power to change, transform our lives. And we mostly shape our lives via our free will. Known for thousands of years and explained as “The Secret” nowadays, is that we create our own reality.

Many people don’t believe that he/she or his/her life would change, and don’t take action because of it. He/she continues to be passive, play the victim role and stay that way in life. Yes, most of us had emotional, spiritual , physical wounds when we were kids. Even today life has various difficulties. How we percieve and interpret the things going on in our lives determines our feeling and way of living of today. Thus by widening, deepening our perception openness and changing our interpretation, we can change our way of living.

Saying “He is so lucky, but I’m not” is denying the “power of change” over our lives and it means us to surrender our power to others (family, fate).
People who say “I’m the victim of my surroundings-fate” limit their liveliness just like a life without consciousness (vegetable existence). The contradiction is that they expect from outside but they close themselves so that they can not perceive the “the new” from outside. Repeating same negative perspective and beliefs to themselves and others make them prisoned both inside and outside. Like the loss of the capability of enjoying the life.

Psyhcological studies show that ones happiness level is related %10 with environment, %40 with will energy. Which means; we can increase our happiness level by changing our will.

Probably formed in childhood, the belief “nothing is gonna get fixed, get better” gets more powerful as the “everything happens apart from me” belief by adulthood, which can afterwards dominate the whole life. However we have the power to change-transform the stages of our lives.

A negative energy forms around a situation-occasion that is not well bound or we don’t like. We can change this energy into a positive power that motivates us and inspires us for the rest of our lives. Of course we need to look at how are we connected to this situation-person.

When we choose to believe that we can change our lives in anyway we want, the fear of making radical changes may arise. However only looking at what this fear did to us, how it blocked us would be enough. We should ask ourselves if the truth “Everything will remain the same if we don’t make any changes” is good or bad news for us.

By increasing our personal awareness, deepening through ourselves, we can move on with courage.
Lets look through our lives. Do our fears direct us?  Since we are here with a plan which is through being exposed to amount that we can handle, we can leave behind the fears of change and future.

As long as we understand what we need to change in our lives, we can change our perceptions, interpretations and lifestyles related to life and our existence.

We magnetize what we focus on. Quitting to focus on what is negative and starting to focus on the positive will bring us this new energy.

Love and blessings,